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Weiqiao Textile maintains its market leadership in 2011:
Weiqiao Textile Company Limited and its subsidiaries, the largest
cotton textile producer in China, announced its annual results for the
year ended December 31, 2011.

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PrimaGreen at China Green Textile Summit:
PrimaGreen is sponsoring the “2nd China Green Textile Summit 2012” held
in Beijing on March 26th & 27th.
The summit is focused on “Low carbon,Green and Recycling Economy”, and
aims to provide in depth insight into the China textile industry and
policies, status and trends, opportunities and challenges.
Participants and attendees will be representing the textile industry
such as fiber-, machinery-, chemicals- and service suppliers, as well
as association and government officials.
Ms. Steffi Zhao, Marketing Manager at DuPont Industrial BioSciences
will deliver the speech titled “Flexible Fading with Sustainable
PrimaGreen”. Genencor will be presenting about more sustainable
solutions with PrimaGreen Flexible Fading.

China suffers more trade frictions:
Chinese exporters are facing more and more trade frictions under the
global sluggish economic recovery and surging protectionism sentiment.

The world’s second largest importer has been a country suffering the
most trade frictions for 17 consecutive years, said Zhong Shan, vice
minister of Commerce of China at a meeting on Friday.

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Textile and garment companies find nowhere to shelter:
Local authorities tend to say “no” not only to textile projects because
of the fear for environmental pollution, but to garment projects as
well, because garment factories do not help develop local economies.

The Vietnam Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex) has complained that it
has been facing big difficulties in implementing projects because
local authorities now tend to restrict the licensing to textile and
garment companies.

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Vietnam looks to escape labour trap:
Vietnam plans to upskill its workforce by offering sweet carrots to
foreign vocational training providers.
The Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA) planned
to draw up a training development strategy which give top priority to
foreign investors developing high-quality vocational training schools,
said MoLISA deputy minister Nguyen Ngoc Phi.

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Spotlight on Phnom Penh
Asean summit helps Cambodia woo investors, including some wary Thai
The Cambodian government hopes to use its status as the Asean chair
this year to attract investors from Southeast Asia and beyond, but
despite the red-carpet welcome from the government, some scepticism
remains among Thai investors.

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Wage hike to push up home prices:
Developers have revamped construction process to cut labour cost-
The rise in the daily minimum wage that comes into effect on April 1
is expected to contribute to a rise in home prices of at least 3 per
cent in the second quarter of the year.
Because of this and other factors, by the end of the year prices are
anticipated to rise by 5-7 per cent.
However, rising labour wages and salaries should also increase
purchasing power, especially for lower-priced homes, developers point
out. Higher incomes will also make more people eligible for mortgages
from commercial banks.

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Burma Business Roundup:
‘Slave Labor’ Jobs to Relocate from Thailand to Burma

Thousands of jobs will be on offer in greater Rangoon if a group of
Thai garment factory owners relocate to Burma—where working conditions
will probably be better than in Thailand.
The garment making trade in Thailand is notorious for employing migrant
labor from Burma, Laos and Cambodia and paying them less than half the
minimum official Thai daily wage.
NGOs have campaigned for a long time to spotlight the near-slave labor
conditions in many garment factories in Thailand and the unfair
treatment of migrant workers.

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Jute exports thrive on new markets:
A recently-created demand for jute sacks in Thailand has come as a boon
for the jute industry in Bangladesh, raising hopes for a recovery in
exports that fell 13 percent during July-February of the current fiscal
Also, India has recently increased import of jute and jute goods after
its currency started to gain against the US dollar. Prices have also
“Exports of jute goods to our traditional middle-eastern and African
markets have fallen amid political unrest in Libya, Syria, Iraq and
other countries,” said Md Shamsul Haque, director (marketing) of
state-owned Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation that has 21 jute mills

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Over 200 hurt in cops-RMG workers clash in Ishwardi EPZ:
Over 200 people were injured in a series of clashes between police and
workers of two sweater factories at Ishwardi Export Processing Zone
here on Sunday.

Witnesses said the workers of Chinese Rashita Knitting and Mega Tex
Sweater factories were staging demonstrations in front of their
factories to press home their demands, including salary hike,
reinstatement of around 200 co-workers and union leader Helal,
terminated on February 22.

The trouble erupted around 9:30 am as police asked the workers to get
back to their work and stop agitation.

At one stage, the workers locked into an altercation with the law
enforcers and pelted them with brickbats, forcing the police to
retaliate that left over 50 people, including three cops, injured.

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Trade unions urge Puducherry govt to help textile mills:
Representatives of several trade unions have jointly urged the
government of Puducherry, a state in India, to support three textile
mills – AFT Mills, Swadeshi Cotton Mills and Sri Bharathi Mills – all
state government undertakings.
The leaders of trade unions said the three textile mills in the state
are on the verge of collapse as successive governments have failed to
take any concrete measures to strengthen these undertakings in spite of
their repeated pleas.

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Ban social networks at work?
Employers asking applicants for the passwords of their social
networking sites has created a furore in the US. Back home in India,
many offices have firewalls on systems to prevent access of social
networking sites.
There are contrasting reports on the impact of accessing these networks
at work. Some say it boosts employee productivity (when done in
Others say there is a double-digit percentage loss in productivity.

A third set of people point out that with social network access becoming
the norm on smart phones, there is no point in banning them on office
And then there is the lot who point out how social networks can help in
certain job functions where networking is key.

Should access of social networking sites be banned at work?
Write in, in less than 200 words, with name, organisation and contact
details, before March 30. The best responses will get published.

Cotton export ban likely to stay:
The commerce department is expected to continue a ban on fresh
registration of cotton consignments for exports despite political
pressure, including from the Congress.

Although a final decision will be taken by a group of ministers,
headed by finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, over the next few days,
the commerce and textiles department are sticking to their stand that
opening the gates to fresh exports will leave domestic players with
little cotton to meet local demand.

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Jobs in Korea for nearly 10,000 Sri Lankans:
The Sri Lankan government says all those who passed the Korean
Language Test in 2011 will be given employment in Korea shortly.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Welfare Dilan Perera has said that
the discussions on getting suitable jobs for those who passed the test
were held with the Korean job Agency recently.
According to the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau 9,998 passed the
Korean Language Proficiency Test held in October 2011.
Priority will be given to those who have passed the exam in 2010 and
are still unemployed via the new program, the Minister said.
Around 25,000 Sri Lankan migrant workers are employed in Korea now.
The recruitment process is carried out through an inter-government
agreement. The employment is limited to five years.

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Weiqiao Textile maintains its market leadership in 2011
& PrimaGreen at China Green Textile Summit
& China suffers more trade frictions

Textile and garment companies find nowhere to shelter
& Vietnam looks to escape labour trap

Spotlight on Phnom Penh

Wage hike to push up home prices

Slave Labor’ Jobs to Relocate from Thailand to Burma

Jute exports thrive on new markets
& Over 200 hurt in cops-RMG workers clash in Ishwardi EPZ

Trade unions urge Puducherry govt to help textile mills
& Ban social networks at work?
& Cotton export ban likely to stay

Jobs in Korea for nearly 10,000 Sri Lankans

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