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Manufacturing industries still in troubled waters:
Manufacturing industries including textile, garment, fertilizer, paper,
steel, leather and footwear suffered a sharp decline in
January-February production against the same period last year, said the
Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Textile production dipped 8.2% year-on-year, sport shoes dropped 5.4%
and paper slid 4.3%. Notably, fertilizer production in the first two
months fell by a staggering 54.5%.

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Ministry to name, shame firms hiding workplace accidents:
The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs has said it will
make public the names of companies that do not report their workplace

Deputy Minister Bui Hong Linh said it was part of his ministry’s effort
to reduce the incidence of workplace accidents, which has been
increasing at an alarming rate in recent years.
The number of people killed and injured in such accidents increased by
more than 15 per cent last year. In almost 6,000 accidents, 574 people
were killed and more than 1,310 were seriously injured.

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Prosecutor’s account of questioning varies:
Svay Rieng provincial prosecutor Hing Bunchea has refused to clarify
what triple shooting suspect and deposed Bavet town governor Chhouk
Bandith said to him after contradictory statements from him were
printed in different news publications last week.

On Thursday, Hing Bunchea told the Post that Chhouk Bandith had
confessed to the shootings, but provided different accounts to other
news organisations, which he then reportedly retracted.

The shootings at a protest last month outside the Kaoway Sports Ltd
shoe factory in Svay Rieng province put three women in hospital,
leaving one victim in serious condition after a bullet went through her

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Workers killed in crash:
At least two workers died and more than 10 were injured, three
seriously, in a traffic accident on Sunday morning in Takeo province.

Ngann Sary, police chief of Takeo’s Bati district, told the Post the
accident had occurred about 4:30am when the truck, carrying about 50
garment workers, was hit from behind by another truck after stopping on
the roadside to repair a front tyre.
He said two workers were killed in the collision and 13 were injured.

“We have taken the injured workers to hospital for treatment,” Sary
“We have also taken the evidence to provincial police for further

He said workers had travelled from Phnom Penh for a ceremony with their
workmates and the accident occurred while they were returning to the

Mango sprouts plan to double Asian outlets in five years:
Mango, the Spanish clothing company, has announced it will double its
Asian outlets to 2,500 over the next five years to cash in on growing
demand for fashion products on this side of the world.

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Thailand garment manufacturers seek tax relief:
A local garment maker’s body has urged the Thailand Government to slash
the income tax on earnings from overseas investments and also to help
apparel makers enhance their labour efficiency. Such measures would
ease the burden that garment producers would face following a hike in
daily minimum wage from April 1, 2012, the Thai Garment Manufacturers
Association (TGMA) said.

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Thai apparel brand Jaspal eyes regional expansion:
Jaspal Co Ltd, a Thai fashion label with 40 years of establishment and
a strong domestic recognition, proposes to raise its presence in the
ASEAN region over the next five years. Presently, around 95 percent of
company’s sales are in home-market, which it proposes to reduce to 70
percent during the next five years, and increase its focus on ASEAN

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Manufacturing industries still in troubled waters
& Ministry to name, shame firms hiding workplace accidents

Prosecutor’s account of questioning varies ++
& Workers killed in crash

Mango sprouts plan to double Asian outlets in five years
& Thailand garment manufacturers seek tax relief
& Thai apparel brand Jaspal eyes regional expansion

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